Argyle Condo :: space survey

math book realness. The word problem comes straight from a geometry textbook: devise a solution for an argyle paint pattern that (1) coincides corners of diamonds with edges of walls; (2) matches the angle of the structural beam in the room; and (3) takes into consideration the thickness of the white accent stripe. Shoof.

bedroom escape. Curtis wanted his bedroom to feel distinct from the rest of the combination living/working space. The deep, warm gray tone highlights the rustic materials and accent lighting placed around the room.

calming glow. The custom-built headboard pulls together some unexpected elements: flooring tiles mounted on a wall, arranged in a random overlapping pattern, backlit by five puck-style lights.

mixed media framing. The frame on the back wall displays two photos printed on art board and attached to a wooden crate with coarse twine. The twine is woven through the crate's metal mesh and overlaps the prints with a combination of vertical, horizontal, and angled orientations for a mixed random/ordered effect.

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