shifting into possibilities


The space in your home holds incredible potential to support you and propel you forward.

We offer design inspections to explore possibilities in your space. We bring fresh eyes, design expertise, and creative brainpower to a collaborative three-hour session. Together, we develop a personalized vision rooted in how you want to feel in your space.

We begin with a tour of your home, asking you to reflect on the present state and describe your hopes for the future. We then dive into action in any of the ways detailed below. No two design inspections look the same, as we tailor the experience to your unique situation.

Along the way, we help you navigate the web of interrelated decisions inherent to the design process as we develop a thoughtful plan for moving forward. We want you to walk away with the tools and confidence you need to take the next step into realizing the potential of your space.

$575.00 | 3 hours

diving into action

Get ready to flex your creative muscles with us! Here are some of the many ways we can take action during a design inspection:


possibilities for customization or expansion

reconfiguration options for existing areas

a new detached structure or outdoor area

your own style starting with things you love

paint colors, wood stains, or other finishes

    a space plan for fixtures and furnishings

    your existing furniture for improved flow

    areas for cabinetry, wall features, or built-ins

    opportunities to maximize your investment

    a phased approach for upcoming projects


At the conclusion of our 3-hour meeting, we will share with you copies of our notes as well as photographs or screenshots of any sketches we have developed during the inspection. Our hope is that you walk away with a clearer vision for your space, a deeper understanding of your home, and greater confidence in your next steps.


frequently-asked questions


>  Should I invite my partner?
We encourage you to include all decision-makers in our initial meeting, whether partners or investors or family members. With all parties present, we can consider all viewpoints from the beginning and adjust our course accordingly as we move along. We can cover significant ground at these meetings, and we often end up at a different place than originally expected. Leaving someone behind means they will be playing catch-up to understand how we arrived somewhere new.

> What should I bring to a design inspection?
There is no need to bring anything to an initial meeting. It's our job to listen to you and ask questions to gain an understanding of you and your space. That being said, you can bring anything you like: lists of questions, photos from magazines, Pinterest Boards, Houzz Ideabooks, or even samples of finish materials or fabrics. If there is a specific selection you would like to make with us at a design inspection, please bring the options you are considering.

>  What comes next?
After our meeting, you are free to use the ideas and information we've covered in any way you choose. A design inspection can function as a standalone service or can deliver us into a continued working relationship. After the meeting, we can generate a proposal for design services at your request.

going further

A design inspection is intended to function as a standalone service. However, some clients show interest in continuing to work together through detailed design or guided implementation of the plan we've developed. When your project and our services are a good fit for one other, we offer two umbrellas of services for continued involvement:



focused guidance through an immersive process, developing an initial idea into a 3D computer design and then translating it into a set of plans for building (renovations, remodels, new construction projects)


flexible support with general creative development and specific design projects, tailored to individual, group, and community coaching environments
(interior design, space planning, design education)