Headquarters Bungalow :: kitchen

stretching light. The great room is a long rectangle with exterior walls on either end. Avoiding a tunnel-like effect, each end is packed with glass to welcome light. Lighter paint colors push long walls outward, while darker paint colors pull short walls inward for a more square illusion. The kitchen windows embrace the sweeping roofline and connect interior and exterior living spaces.

goodbye uppers. Upper cabinets provide a few useful shelves for storage and constrain the use of the space below. In a kitchen of few walls and a small footprint, full-height units distinguish storage from working space. The refrigerator and ovens hide in alcoves surrounded by storage cabinetry and storage lofts above.

hello drawers. Doors require valuable space to open and require additional maneuvering to access contents. 38 drawers outweigh 6 doors in the bungalow kitchen. Meanwhile, four roll-front cabinets, inset into doorway-framed walls, avoid traffic interference on either side of the island.

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