Headquarters Bungalow :: master side

symmetrical approach. The master and guest sides of the house sit opposite each other, equal in size. The inverse of its counterpart, the master side features closet and bathroom flanking the bedroom. The entrance pulls the guest along a new axis of symmetry established by doors, rug, bed, windows, and fan.

widen the triangle. If the walls defining the bedroom were full-height, the shape would create a tall barn-like environment. Embracing a more grounded effect, the capped walls allow the gable triangle to extend outward. Further widening the view, closet and shower windows are visible from the bedroom entrance through open doorways into each space.

packed luxury. Fitting a fully-appointed master suite into 286 square feet is no small feat. In the closet, drawer-rich wardrobe units accompany open shoe shelves above hampers. In the bathroom, a storage loft sections water closet and multi-head shower from a vanity with porcelain sinks resting on drawered bases.

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