Hourly Design Services

This umbrella of services covers projects beyond wall configurations and plan sets. The support we offer includes fixture and furnishings selections, space planning, custom installations, and any interaction with tradespeople who implement the designs we develop with you.




We can help you select building products through local, national, and specialty suppliers. We begin the selections process with a style meeting to understand your individual preferences in terms of color, texture, shape, and other considerations.

  • cabinetry
  • countertops
  • appliances
  • electrical components
  • plumbing fixtures
  • hardware
  • flooring + tile
  • windows + doors
  • paints + stains
  • molding + trim
  • masonry elements


We can provide support as the design progresses to a final built form. We approach construction oversight as an advisor to you, and we maintain clear communication by including you in all communication with contractors.

contractor sourcing: We can research and provide suggestions for contractors and other professionals as needed. We are glad to work with any contractor of your choosing.

estimate review: We can meet with you and any contractor you select to have the job quoted. We can answer questions as contractors generate bids, and we can meet with you to review bids and offer insight based on our experience.

construction meetings: Throughout the construction process, we can review the design with contractors and provide recommendations as questions arise. We ask that contractors not make any assumptions when executing the design and instead request clarification as needed.




In all aspects of our involvement, we serve in an advisory consulting capacity to you.  We do not make decisions on your behalf but instead make suggestions and recommendations based on your goals and feedback. We often use photos of finished spaces, as well as computer design software, to hone in on your style and guide our work together.

We structure our involvement with the majority of our time spent with you in person. This allows us to redirect ideas and recommendations in the moment based on your feedback and be most efficient with the time we are spending on your project.

If requested to interface directly with contractors, we include you in all communication, whether by phone, text, email, or in person. In this way, we do not function in a role between you and the contractor but instead alongside you. Our aim is to support clear communication and clear understanding in the decisions you make. We are glad to help source contractors as needed and work with any contractor of your choosing.