Rocky Mount Addition/Renovation: fixtures and finishes

beautiful snowball. A project which began as more of an addition turned into a large-scale renovation as well. By the end of the project, only two bedrooms and three bathrooms kept their original footprint. And even those five rooms were updated.

securing sparkle. Lighting includes almost exclusively recessed fixtures and chandeliers, which provide functional bling with an elegant effect. Notable plumbing fixtures include touch-sensing faucets in the kitchen and a split-base bridge faucet in the downstairs bath. With it, we combined a reproduction sink cabinet and a custom-edged marble top.

consistent finish. Making up for a change in floor joist orientation downstairs, an added layer of subfloor supports wide-plank site-finished hardwood flooring now running in a single direction. Tile finishes in the new and renovated bathrooms include a mix of small-scale classic patterns with glass and stone selections.

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