Rocky Mount Addition/Renovation :: great room

back it up. While the front of the structure remained largely unchanged, a large rear addition extended the building envelope roughly 20 feet backward across the entire width of the house. The result is four new interior spaces, the largest of which is a great room in the middle of the expansion. 

beyond the grille. The vaulted ceiling, wide cased openings, and wall of windows maximize light and openness. The non-grilled gable windows departed from the existing colonial grille patterns, so we specified a modified colonial design in the lower windows to bridge styles and transition to the glass porch.

honest beams. Solid wood beams are beautiful yet rarely play a structural role in modern construction. Instead, we find them pretending to be structural or find structural materials pretending to be them. In opposition to these trends, beam-like electrical chases find purpose as modern lighting fixtures. Like the ridge beam, they own up to their trim-wrapped nature with overhangs.

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