Rocky Mount Addition/Renovation :: kitchen

zoning out. Michelle is a serious baker, and she spends significant time in the kitchen cultivating her craft. Sectioning the space into functional zones provided a basis for planning workspace, appliance, and storage locations.

empowered helpers. The notable kids zone created separate space for participation while keeping young ones away from heavy cooking. Features include a counter-height homework peninsula, below-counter fridge and microwave, storage for breakfast foods, and lunch prep supplies.

pantry power. The plan we received provided pantry access through a hallway with a desk. And given space constraints, there was no room in the kitchen for all of Michelle's countertop appliances. To shorten the trip and reduce desk traffic, the pantry door was moved to a direct kitchen wall. To ease heavy lifting and break up shelving visually, a standard-height butcher block counter was added with a deep alcove section for appliances.

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