Rocky Mount Addition/Renovation :: master closet

not just for kitchens. After swallowing some hallways and tripling its size, the master closet begged for a highly-anticipated element: a closet island. The island provides space for staging outfits while housing drawers for clothing, eliminating the need for storage furniture in the bedroom.

closeted lighting concepts. An island in a closet probably deserves a Swarovski crystal Schobek chandelier above it. Recessed lighting surrounds the chandelier to prevent shadows and aid in clothing selection. Maybe the best lighting in the house should always be in the closet.

tailored fit. Hooks between clothing bays hold potential outfits while dressing. Adjustable shelves allow for a revolving shoe collection: angled shelves above counter height and flat shelves below. Up high, self-supporting awning-style doors conceal rarely-worn articles and off-season clothing.

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