Rocky Mount Addition/Renovation :: master suite

scenic route. When the home was expanded rearward, the existing master suite received a new bedroom in the far back corner. Without modification to the master entrance, the path from new eating area to new master bedroom would have been a long "u"-shaped haul through the entrance foyer to bed.

direct route with an escape. We modified the originally-provided design to include a main entrance to the master suite from the new great room. The former entrance now provides back-door access through a much larger closet to an office/bedroom across the hall.

touches of privacy and height. Privacy was not a huge concern for Chris and Michelle, so a small alcove between the two spaces gives ample separation. We also raised the ceilings from flat to cathedral to expand the sense of space and invite light from an added upper window. That window allowed a covered entrance from the master patio without concern of light deprivation.

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