Our goal is for your space to support you.


This dynamic undertaking requires a collaborative approach in order to reach its full potential. Our guidance stems from a vision for your space rooted in you.

  • How do you want to feel when you walk into your space at the end of a long day?

  • What kinds of interactions do you want to have with others in your home?

  • What spatial elements would help you feel calm/relaxed? How about energized/productive? How about open/accessible or protected/held?

We weave this kind of emotional consideration into our conversations and interactions from the very beginning. We incorporate this insight within a general context of visual harmony, functional success, and investment considerations as we design a living environment carefully tailored to you.

We want your investment of time, energy, and financial resources to be beneficial on every level, and we are committed to a process of mutual discovery, transparency, and respect along the way.


project types

We offer design services addressing a wide range of residential design applications, including the following categories:


new construction
    primary residences, vacation retreats

major remodels
    reconfiguring your entire house (or part of it)

    master suites, common spaces, multi-story

kitchen and common area remodels
    making the most of your most-used space

bath and closet remodels
    customizing and/or expanding storage space

interior design
    finishes, furnishings, architectural details

space conversions
    expanding your space but not your footprint

outdoor design
    attached/detached structures, hardscapes

 ...and beyond!
    reading corners, creative studios, hot tub havens,
    boathouses, guest cabins, glamping facilities,
    whatever you dream up :)


getting started

Regardless of project type, we begin all new client relationships with one of two initial meeting options: a design consultation or a design inspection.


$350 for 1.5 hours

A design consultation addresses a specific project you have in mind. We begin with a tour of the space to be altered and a conversation about how you want to live in it. We discuss how the project fits in with your overall vision and plan for your home, and then we offer ideas and suggestions for the project in line with your intentions.

$575 for 3 hours

A design inspection approaches your home from a comprehensive point of view as we search to uncover its full potential. We begin with a walking tour as we discuss how you want to live in the space and the projects you are considering. We then help you develop a personalized vision and plan for your space during the time you live there.


>  How do I decide?
While both meetings include a conversation about your space and ideas for it, design inspections provide time to dive into action. We can sketch 2D options for spatial changes, discuss interactions between different projects, and even make paint color or finish material selections. You could also use the second half of a design inspection to invite a contractor, engineer, or other professional to address construction costs or other technical considerations.

>  Should I invite my partner?
We encourage you to include all decision-makers in our initial meeting, whether partners or investors or family members. With all parties present, we can consider all viewpoints from the beginning and adjust our course accordingly as we move along. We can cover significant ground at these meetings, and we often end up at a different place than originally expected. Leaving someone behind means they will be playing catch-up to understand how we arrived somewhere new.

> What should I bring to a consultation or inspection?
There is no need to bring anything to an initial meeting. It's our job to listen to you and ask questions to gain an understanding of you and your space. That being said, you can bring anything you like: lists of questions, photos from magazines, Pinterest Boards, Houzz Ideabooks, or even samples of finish materials or fabrics. If there is a specific selection you would like to make with us at a design inspection, please bring the options you are considering.

>  What comes next?
After our meeting, you are free to use the ideas and information we've covered in any way you choose. Design consultations and design inspections can function as standalone services or can deliver us into a continued working relationship. After either meeting, we can generate a proposal for design services at your request.

going further

Once we have completed a design consultation or a design inspection, we offer two umbrellas of services for continued involvement:



focused guidance through an immersive process, developing an initial idea into a 3D computer design and then translating it into a set of plans for building (renovations, remodels, new construction projects)


flexible support with general creative development and specific design projects, tailored to individual, group, and community coaching environments
(interior design, space planning, design education)