Sullivan Lakehouse :: grand staircase

calculated purpose. Centrally anchored, the grand staircase embraces a multi-level terraced effect: parallel steps and winder treads weave together a series of landing platforms. Intricate geometry ensures a natural flow in compliance with building code.

flow with options. The staircase ushers a guest through a curving descent from entrance foyer to dining room and other main-level living areas. It gives space to choose one's own path from master wing or guest wing above to kitchen or living room below.

trailblazing. Yielding to their inner voices, visitors have been known to forge their own paths across the tempting structure. Canine guards traverse a small mountain from island to fire; lip syncing performers embrace an unexpected stage; sky-bound greeters swoop from foyer left to right; dancing climbers scale the railings to a definite beat.

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