Sullivan Lakehouse :: kitchen

all aboard. The lakehouse is designed as a quiet retreat and a party house. In order to accommodate a ship full, the concept of capacity dominated kitchen design: food storage, preparation, and cleanup required multiple refrigerators, dishwashers, and sinks.

water for all. Nancy requested a kitchen island with no back to the lake. The resulting orientation solves a common flow concern: collision of diligent chef and chatty guest. The island designates chef runway on one side and guest connection on the other. Both share lake views to the east and refrigerator access to the west.

move 'em out. A kitchen serving every functional need would be massive and heavy. Freeing space, guest-related functionality was moved into a "breakfast pantry" equipped for self service with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, ice machine, and sink.

drink it up. In a house named "Four Bars", the kitchen serves as a principal drinking establishment. When the dishes are done, lights dim and corks take flight. Open shelves provide stemware, an argyle rack offers wine bottles, and a bar cart delivers spirits.

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